Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Five new Combo Plans presented by Dish TV, Learn here Monthly Pack

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)'s new broadcasting rules in India have been implemented from 1st February. TRAI has previously given information that local cable operators and DTH providers are in the process of migrating their customers to a new scheme based on the new rule.

Each service providers has already announced their new channel packs and most customers have chosen the channel according to their own preferences. D2h was the first operator, which introduced the combo plan according to the new price scheme, and now the name of Dish TV has also been added to this list.

Dish TV is a popular service provider in India, which has introduced Combo Plan for North and South India. For North, Dish TV has introduced 5 Combo plans and separate plans for the South. Talking about the 5 combo plans presented for North India, this plan is available with Disable TV reception, Dish TV Super Family, Dish TV Maxi Sports, Dish TV Super Sports and Dish TV Titanium. The price of this plan is Rs 213, 265 rupees, 306 rupees, 386 rupees and 433 rupees respectively. GST is not included in this plan

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