Friday, December 14, 2018

Reliance Jio users are getting daily access to 2GB of data in free, this way to take advantage

MUMBAI: Reliance Jio has increased the time of Geo Celebration Pack for some of its users. Under the Geo Celebration Pack, the company is giving 2GB extra data per day for 5 days for its special customers. This means that Geo users are getting additional 10 GB of data for 5 days.
It has been found that the benefits of this scheme are being received by all the users, who have an active geo plan. Whether they are getting Extra data, you will need to go to the My Plan menu by opening the My Geo application. Where you can see the Geo Celebrity Pack, which will give you 2 GB of data every day. Apart from 
this, you can also learn from here what the end date of this offer is.
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