Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Airtel launches newest pre-paid plan, get more data

Airtel has launched a scheme of 169 for all its customers, offering gifts to all the customers of each circle. Airtel plans to compete with Vodafone's planes of Rs 159. Vodafone's plan is for some selected customers. While Airtel has introduced this new 169 prepaid plan for all circles. Apart from this, the company has also updated its plans of 399 and 448. Learn about this plan .

The validity of this plan is 28 days and it will get 1GB 2G / 3G / 4G data every day for 28 days. This plan also provides 100 SMS and unlimited calling on all networks daily.

Now, considering the updated Airtel's 399 plan, the validity of this plan was 70 days before but now the validity has been made to 84 days. This plan will get 1GB of data every day and simultaneously get 100 SMSes daily. This plan will also get unlimited calls on all the networks and even outgoing roaming will be free.

1Now, if you talk about a plan of 448, the validity of this plan was 84 days ago. Now its validity has been 82 days. In the previous plan, where there was 1.4GB of data every day, now it can get 1.5GB of data every day. This plan also includes unlimited calls, as well as 100 SMSes per day
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