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With the help of these apps of SBI, the hassle of going to the bank will be over, every house will be sitting

With the help of these apps of SBI, the hassle of going to the bank will be over, every house will be sitting
New Delhi: Most of the country’s accounts are in the country’s largest bank State Bank of India. That is why State Bank launched several apps to facilitate its customers. With the help of which people can settle all their work related to the bank when sitting at home. So let’s know about the apps that the State Bank has launched to help you. Also, they will know that with the help of these apps, you can do the job without having to go home without a bank.
All SBI working with SBI applications
State Bank Freedom App
With the help of this app, you can do all the banking work at any time, from anywhere.
Transfer money and know the balance of the account.
With the Mini Statement you can get complete information about your bank account.
Fixed deposits can open and close the recurring deposits.
Apply for check book too.
Bill can pay.
Mobile and DTH can top up.
SBI Quick
This is a missed call banking services app. Whose services are free.
With this help, you can know the account balance by sending a missed call or SMS from your registered number with the bank.
With the help of this app, you can get the benefits of many services along with getting the Mini Statement.
State Bank Buddy
This app is available in 13 languages.
With this help you can send money to any of your contacts and ask for it. Even if the person does not have an account in SBI
Through this app, you can recharge your mobile / DTH.
Can pay your bill.
You can also book movies, flight tickets and hotel bookings, online shopping.
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State Bank Anywhere (State Bank Anywhere)
This SBI is a great app.
With this help you can access your retail bank account from mobile.
You can make fixed deposits along with sending money. Mobile / DTH can recharge.
Bill can pay. You can view your last 10 transactions in the mpassbook.
With this app you can take payments from merchants.
Static QR code or dynamic QR code can take payment.
SBI No Que
With this help the customer can book Virtual Cue Tickets (e-Token) for services on select bank branches.
Customers can take e-token before reaching the branch of the bank, so that they will not have to wait in line at the bank and save their time.
State Bank mCASH
With the help of this app, State Bank customers can claim funds sent through online SBI or State Bank Anniever.
State Bank Solutions
With this help the customer can take any information through the branch.
This allows customers to generate housing loan and education loan interest certificates, which the bank sends to your e-mail.
SBI Card
You can access SBI Credit Card Account on your mobile.
After downloading it, you can manage your card account by entering user id and password.
State Bank Anywhere Corporate
This is a mobile application based on corporate internet banking. This app is for SBI Corporate Internet Banking Account Plus, Business and Extension Variants.
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