Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Gas Book, Make PAN Card Learn More PF Balance By This App

Learn how to setup a smartphone in the UMANG app?

This app is available at Google Play Store, Apple Store and Windows App Store. Users must choose their language in this. Some permissions will also be requested from users, which can also be done DENY. After all, you have to set up m-pin. You can also go to the link below to learn its complete process.

Set up a smart app in smartphone
Learn about other similar utility apps:

E-Troubleshooting Apps:
The UP Government has launched e-redressing mobile app through which the bill can be deposited from the app. This app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. After the download, open the app. Enter the entered account number in the bill. After that you have to generate e-mail and password. After the password will be generated, the e-mail and mobile number must be verified. After this, your account will be created on the app.

Electricity bill generated, bill payment, complaints, new information options will be given on this app’s home page. Open the consumer app to use it. Open your account and feed the meter reading. The bill amount will be sent to your registered mobile number within 24 hours of reading the feed. Consumers can go to the option of payment and pay by debit and credit card.

Electricity and Water Service:
This app was created by the Electricity and Water Authority. Through this, users can know about their water bill. You can also make a bill payment as well. Users can also make payment of electricity bill. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Through this app, users will be able to pay electricity and water bill easily
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