Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Siddhivinayak arrives to invite Nita Ambani's relative, Akshaye Diganta

Mukesh Ambani's wife Nita Ambani, son of the country's billionaire billionaire Mukesh Ambani, and the Siddhivinayak temple reached the invitation card. Nita Ambani's son Akash Ambani's Shloka Mehta is going to be engaged in this month. This sagina invitation card was donated to Ganpat Dada by Siddhivinayar Temple with Nita Ambani's younger son Ananth Ambani.

Shloka Mehta studied Anthropology from Princeton University, USA, after completing her schooling. He then did Masters in London School of Economics and Political Science. After completing the study, Shloka became the director of his father's diamond company, Rose Gold Diamond. Also, it is the co-founder of Connect Four, which helps NGOs. Shloka is a good and cultured girl. It is difficult to say which family they feel most fortunate to get.

Mukesh Ambani's eldest son, Akash Ambani also went to the United States after completing his schooling. He studied one of the prestigious universities from Brown University in Ivy League. Akash Ambani is the Chief of Strategy in Reliance Jio Telecom. In a survey conducted in August 2017, the company's net worth was estimated to be 2.2 lakh crore.

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