Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Now it takes about five minutes to get your driving license, sitting home

Now it takes about five minutes to get your driving license, sitting home
Varanasi. As much as it was difficult to make a driving license till a year ago, it became as easy as the growing use of the Chariotee 4 app. With the release of the brokers in the office of the Transport Department, this app has started getting people driving licenses home. That is why DL applicants are getting very ease. Not only that, the crowd of people has started to decrease even in the Department of Transportation.

Online application

In order to make DL first, where the applicants had to resort to brokers to avoid crowds and frequent run-offs, the activation of people is being seen in the online transport department’s Sarathi portal. Speaking of Benaras, 80 applications are accepted every day. After this, the application is not accepted on this website. But since the arrival of this new facility, the one thing that is arriving is that there is a lot of decrease in the crowd that made the DL in the office. Earlier this figure had come across 300.

First, go to the Surhi website and fill the complete form. Then fill the fees online. After depositing the fees, you can get the receipt and get to the Department of Transportation Office. There will also be your online test. Finger print will be taken after passing this process. Then within a few days, your driving license will reach home via post.
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