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Ever wondered, the one who trusts us blindly on Google, does he always give the right information?

Ever wondered, the one who trusts us blindly on Google, does he always give the right information?
In the time of social media, we have to know about anything, so Google has complete information about it within a second. If someone asks something, then he says that Google can not do it So it means that any information in this world is needed, then just do Google and take the answers. Google has made such a reputation among the people that we rely on everything in it. But the question arises as to whether the information we get from Google is 100 percent correct.
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There may be different opinions of many people about this. Those who are still unable to connect with social media, they still use old books for any information. But when it comes to authenticity, then we can not even trust 100 percent of Google. Even if Google does not give millions of credentials for its content authentication. But the truth is that many times it happens that anyone who wants information about anyone on Google is different about his knowledge in Hindi and English. Has it ever happened to you that the information from Google has been proved wrong?

Let’s know when it happens, when Google gives you wrong information?
1. Google Map often shows bad location, go somewhere and access goes elsewhere.
2. If you want to know the distance between any two places in km, then it is also shown incorrectly.

3. To find the address of a place, he can not even get it on the correct location.
4. Google does not update the old and new address over time.

5. If you want to know Hindi or English meaning of any particular word, then the answer is something else.
6. Former Indian President V.V. Giri’s death is written separately in Hindi and English.

7. Bollywood star Irfan Khan’s birth date is also shown separately in both places. There will be many such people whose date of birth is incorrect, Google says.

8. Google’s Edit Option Security is Les, anyone can tamper with it.
Most of the work in India is still in Hindi. The information about the same person in Google Hindi and Google English is different. But people have so much confidence in Google that they get the wrong value right. Is not Google’s responsibility to provide the right information in both languages?
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