Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Earn Money With Pytm

Earning money without making a single rupee with PayMM, can be done from home sitting on mobile-bumpers will earn
Softbank of Japan and China’s Alibaba invested Rs 2,900 crores in Petmem Mall. With the help of this funding, Pettyma will prepare himself to compete with Flipkart and Amazon.
The value of Peti M Mall is estimated to be around 13,000 crores. According to Amit Sinha, COO of Patyam, the company will benefit from coming with Softbank and Alibaba. The company’s business model will be strong If you want to join Patti with such a time then this is the right time. With this, you will be able to start your business with good earnings. Let’s tell you how to become a business partner of Patti.
Seller on Pytm: If you want to do business with Pytm, then you have to be a Pytm seller. Patmi started online shopping in the name of Petty M Mall. If you become the seller of Peti M Mall, you can earn very well. Patiala has access to nearly eight million people. If you join the PetiMe, your product can reach these 8 million users.
Business will start in free: You will not have to invest any money to become a salesman for PETMM. Petty does not take any charge from you in lieu of it. All you have to do is sign up at PetiMe’s app or website and upload a catalog of your product or service. After this you can also start selling your product.
Become an agent of Pytm: Some time ago, Pettyma started her own payment bank. Since then, Peti Payment Bank is making agents all over the country to reach out to the customers. These Pytm agents have been named Payment Bank BC Agent. PetiMe products will have to work for these agents. In return, Petty will be given attractive commission. You may also earn better from this.
Such agents can be: You do not have to make any big investments to become agents. For this work just need some cash and Android smart phones, biometric devices. From that you can become an agent and start work for PetiMe. You can gather information by clicking on this link at for complete information on becoming a PETI agent.
Partner can become such: If you want to be a partner of Pytm, you will have to share your information by clicking on this link After this, registration will be done. Just then you can work as a partner.
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