Monday, May 28, 2018

RRB Group D 2018 Rejection List

After the application of the RRB Group D 2018, the Railway Recruitment Board has now come out with the rejection list of the application. This application has been mainly rejected for those people who made a mistake in the application form. Although the Railway Recruitment Board has rejected many applications on the subject, it is necessary for the candidates to know the status of their application ie that their application is correct or rejected, whether they can take the exam or not. If you want to know the answer to the questions, then let us tell you that for some reason the applicant's application has been rejected.

Incorrect photograph from which form can be rejected:

Black and white picture

Photo with hat or glasses

Distorted picture

Group picture

Not a recognizable picture

Photostat copy of essential photo

Either see only one side of the whole body or picture

Photo without name and date

Mobile used to take photographs

Self-created picture

Photo with small size

Some other reason

If the candidate has applied more than once or has applied for more than one RRB, by doing so, not only will all the applications of the candidate be rejigged but he will be expelled from the Railway recruitment in future, meaning he will never be in the Railway Can not apply for recruitment

Or if there is a candidate who has applied but he comes in the exclusion list of Railway Recruitment, he will also be rejected from the application and it is all such candidates who can not apply this year again nor can they sit in the examination .

How to View RRB Application Status:
All the candidates who want to see their application status, if their application has been accepted or rejected, then we will tell that the candidates who have been rejected by the Railway Recruitment Board have issued a "pdf". In that pdf you can see your name

First of all we have opened PDF here, open it now, you can check it by using your name or registration number which you received while applying it.
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